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CEO Handbook

A chief executive officer (CEO) or chief executive is one of the highest-ranking corporate officers (executives) or administrators in charge of total management. An individual selected as president and CEO of a corporation, company, organization, or agency reports to the board of directors.
Publisher/Seller: Edward Choi

  $9.99 DOWNLOAD

Out of Office (Outlook Assistant)

Out of Office allows you to update your Microsoft Office/Exchange Out of Office Assistant from anywhere in the World! Emergencies, unplanned meetings, or just updating your status to be more accurate has never been easier.
Publisher/Seller: Phillip Zedalis

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12 Elements of Great Managing

Managers! Get great insights and anecdotal information collated from the experience of outstanding managers across the globe by Gallup Press of the Gallup Organization. Management techniques, case studies and tried and true methods are all discussed and reviewed. A great way to learn about creating and sustaining employee engagement.
Publisher/Seller: Mobifusion

  $6.99 DOWNLOAD
AP News

AP Mobile news helps you keep up-to-date with what’s happening anywhere, in your hometown and across the globe.Personalize your news to meet your needs. AP Mobile is the most comprehensive news offering available for the iPhone. Select local news from your trusted local newspapers and broadcasters and combine it with the best of the AP’s videos, photo galleries, and national and international coverage.
Publisher/Seller: The Associated Press


Biz Expense

BizExpense is designed to help you track and report your business expenses.BizExpense is right for you if you travel on business and get reimbursed by your employer; are a consultant taking up travel and get paid by your clients; you incur project related expenses and get reimbursed by your customers.
Publisher/Seller: Anishu, Inc.

  $4.99 DOWNLOAD
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